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Perth business The Grumpy Farmer is bringing back smiles, along with those long-forgotten memories of glass bottles filled with creamy, unadulterated, nutrient-rich milk.

Shaun Jacka is the man behind the brand, and Perth’s ethical retailers and cafe community are collectively rejoicing at the dairy line that elevates milk to a fresh new level.

“We source the milk from a  Guernsey herd, in North Dandalup,” Mr Jacka said.

The health benefits of A2 milk, only available from certain cow stock, are a hot topic right now. The specific A2 beta-casein protein is supposedly better for people with digestive issues and is less abrasive to those with a lactose intolerance. A2 milk is Australia’s fastest-growing milk category.

“Our full-fat milk is non-homogenised and it’s pasteurised at 72C so it’s as close to ‘straight- from-the-cow’ as possible,” Mr Jacka said. “Then it’s bottled immediately for the trade. We only bottle in 60-litre batches and the milk never passes through more than two pumps and less than two metres of hose at a time.”


We have been providing The Best and Freshest milk in Perth since 2000

Wow. Has it been that long? And still living the milky dream!

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The story of Miracle!

She was born on the 5th of January (2021), but was due on the 12th of February. She weighed 16.6kg at birth and currently weighs 21.9kg (late January 2021). Calves normally  weigh in the region of 35kg at birth.

The first 5 days of her life were spent in a milk crate in the house and she was unable to stand without help. We stood her up at every feed to make sure that her muscles and ligaments got stronger. She was fed every 4 hours. She gradually got stronger and is now fed milk 3 times a day and electrolytes in between.

She has the run of the garden and sleeps in a lock up crate at night time, in a shed close to the house. Her favourite pastime is to play with the dogs …… and for all that she deserves the name Miracle!

February 2021 – Update

Miracle is now drinking milk from a bucket and is happy with the other cows.


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